Swedish Scooter Run 2020

Here you will find the information and about the Scooter Run 2020 and book your participation


Swedish Scooter Run 2020

The run will take place in the southern part of Sweden at the 21 - 23 of August 2020.

Welcome to the beautiful southern parts of Sweden during the weekend 21 – 23, August, 2020. During the Swedish Scooter Run, we will do long rideouts in the beautiful county of Skåne, meet great people, enjoy great music and have great fun
Our base camp will be located at the Grand Circus Hotel in the city of Malmö, you find it on this map link. You and your scooter will be able to participate in other scooter related activities as well. In the evenings there will be concerts by several bands.

Run Fee
The fee for the run is SEK 150.
This includes activities and music.
Accommodation, food and drinks are paid separately.

The max participants is 200.

There are currently only 28 spots left for the run.
Don´t miss the run!!!


Here you will find weekly news about the run.

2019-11-14 It's time to present the first live band for SSR-2020: Landskrona-based The Statement. Over the weekend they will deliver a nice mix of Toots and the Maytals, Desmond Dekker and The Specials, with salty splashes of Northern Soul and pop. The band members have previously featured in Mobster, King Kodum and The Skalatones, which contributes to routine ska, rocksteady and dance moves.

The Statment

Youtube clip
On Spotify


There will be several different types of accommodation at the run.

We will be staying in circus carriages, tents or hotel-rooms.
You do the booking of your accommodation yourself.

NOTE! All the circus cars are now fully booked.
However, there is still plenty of room for camping.

Grand Circus Hotel

Grand Circus Hotel

The run will take place at the location of the Grand Circus Hotel. Here you can stay in a circus carriage or camp.
You do the booking yourself by contacting the hotel via email (grandcircushotel@gmail.com) for 20% discount.

Scandic Hotel Segevång

Scandic Hotel Segevång

The Hotel is located 2.5 km from the meeting area. Map link.

You book your room by phone at +466934501 button selection 1 and entering the code BMAL210820, or using the hotel’s web site.
Swedish page.
English page.

Room rates (inc. breakfast) :
Single room 750 SEK / Night
Double room 950 SEK / Night

Registrate your participation

Please fill in the form and press “submit” to register.
Your registration is valid once you have registered and paid your run fee.

Who will come?

Reg Order Name Club City
Jonas Janfelt Malmö Scooterklubb Malmö
Mamba Blues SC Malmö
Hans Simonen Malmö Scooterklubb Malmö
Gerry Lindell Svenska Scooterklubben Norrköping
Henrik Börjeson Svenska Scooterklubben Lund
Magnus Lidqvist Halmstad Scooter Scene Halmstad
Stian Kaurel Speed Addicts Scooter Club Bergen, Norway
Cecilia Franzén Kajutans Scooter Garage, Malmö Scooterklubb Malmö
Olof Willstrand Frillesås
Jesper Bergom-Larsson Lambretta Club Stockholm Stockholm
Anna Svensson Lambretta Club Stockholm Umeå
Bäckis Skoghall Scooterpunx Karlstad
Calum McCann Bergen Scooter Scene Bergen, Norway
Andreas Palmquist Burnin´ Aces Scooter Club Vetlanda
Frederik Flagtvedt Nesttun Rejects Bergen, Norway
Mickael Möller Kajutan Scooter Garage Malmö
Niklas Arvidson Lambretta Club Malmö Malmö
Linda Arvidson Malmö
Anders Dahlström Malmö Scooterklubb Malmö
Erik Hall Malmö Scooterklubb Malmö
Johan Blendberg Lambretta Club Malmö Ystad
Micke Nilson Lambretta Club Stockholm Eskilstuna
Michel Koster Malmö Scooterklubb Malmö
Harald Kvamsdal The Boot Goes In Scooter Club Bergen, Norway
Anette Tingström Lambretta Club Malmö Malmö
Olof Fransson Lambretta Club Malmö Vellinge
Christina Rekstad Göteborg Scooterklubb Göteborg
Hans Rekstad Göteborg Scooterklubb Göteborg
Bendik Been Speed Addicts Scooter Club Bergen, Norway
Beata Lachut Johansson Blues Scooter Club Sweden, Lambretta Club Malmö Grängesberg
Katarina Karlsson Göteborg Scooterklubb Göteborg
Daphne Dee Light Club One Scooter Club San Francisco, USA
Kristian Santesson Halmstad Scooteristas Halmstad
Henrik Gustafsson Kajutan Scooter Garage Malmö
Roman Voosen Mayhem SC Växjö
Jon Nordstrøm Lambretta Club Malmö Malmö
Mikael Hamrelius Valhalla Scooter Club Malmö
Pelayo Rico La Bicicleteria Vlc Valencia, Spain
Petra Janfelt Malmö
Johan Mårtensson King Scooter Club Helsingborg
Mattias Arvelid King Scooter Club Ljungby
Sten Åqvist Mondo Scooter Club Örebro
Stephane Haessig King Scooter Club Höganäs
Hermann-Josef Norda Baltic Allstars Scooter Club Lübeck, Germany
Peo Ahlbin King Scooter Club Helsingborg
Stein Overland Restless Scooter Club Oslo, Norway
Carl Welin Lambretta Club Malmö Malmö
Ernst Loewe Lambretta Club Göteborg Göteborg
Ello Lundgren Lambretta Club Göteborg Göteborg
Johan Lampén Lambretta Club Stockholm Stockholm
Tracy Conway Bergen Scooter Scene Bergen, Norway
Torgeir Gullaksen Nesttun Rejects Bergen, Norway
Anders Erikols Vesparados Sweden Uppsala
Mark White Malmö Scooterklubb Landskrona
Jarle Smith Romeriksavdelingen Jessheim, Norway
Fredrik Borg Svenska Scooterklubben Linköping
Michaele Lagercrantz Birdhouse Scooter Club Lund
Johan Svenmo Malmö Scooterklubb Ystad
Björn Bourdin Hoffmann Rennstaffel Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Peppe Pettersson Restless Scooter Club Oslo, Norway
Albin Nidsjo Vespa Club Halmstad Halmstad
Martin Wetterstrand Malmö Scooterklubb Malmö
Eivind Karlsen Restless Scooter Club Oslo, Norway
Hans-Olof Karlsson Blacksmith Scooter Club Eskilstuna
Per Alvarsson Burnin´ Aces Scooter Club Växjö
Nikolaus Scheurer Malmö Scooterklubb Limhamn
Susanne Larsen Svenska scooterklubben Malmö
J.T.Finnema Nesttun Rejects Bergen, Norway
Oskar Hjalmarsson Burnin´ Aces Scooter Club Karlskrona
Guy Haddeland Restless Scooter Club Oslo, Norway
Marina Klemets Blacksmith Scooter Club Eskilstuna
Ronny Nilsson Svenska Scooterklubben Stockholm
Åsa Samuelsson Svenska Scooterklubben Stockholm
John Kleivset The Rivals Scooter Club Kristiansand, Norway
Malkus Arlemark Malmö Scooterklubb Malmö
Markus Palm Halmstad Scooterrister Halmstad
Tim Lindenberg VAC Kiel Kiel, Germany
Tanja Nilsson Limhamn
Göran Nordh Lambretta Club Stockholm Stockholm
Jenny Rudheim Nordh Lambretta Club Stockholm Stockholm
Jørgen Dahl Small Wheels Scoter Club Sarpsborg, Norway
Tom Vidar Bjerknes Small Wheels Scooter Club Sarpsborg, Norway
Jens Clausen Lambretta Club Göteborg Göteborg
Niclas Yngvesson Burnin´ Aces Scooter Club Vetlanda
Peter Hjalmarsson Burnin´ Aces Scooter Club Vetlanda
Anders Axelsson Burnin´ Aces Scooter Club Vetlanda
Mats Sixtensson Burnin´ Aces Scooter Club Vetlanda
Mattias Johansson Burnin´ Aces Scooter Club Vetlanda
Laban Lundber Burnin´ Aces Scooter Club Vetlanda
Stefan Lindahl Burnin´ Aces Scooter Club Vetlanda
Hermann Elfers King Scooter Club Helsingborg
Mads Pentikainen Balck Vespa Klub Fyn Assens, Denmark
Martin Bertram Team Vespa Øst Slagelse, Denmark
Joakim Smedberg Sky scooters, Scootermuseet Kinnekulle
Anders Herrström Svenska Scooterklubben Jonstorp
Rob Gray The Rivals Scooter Club Kristiansand, Norway
Sebastian Gray The Rivals Scooter Club Kristiansand, Norway
Pär Nordahl Lambretta Club Malmö Lund
Eric Palmer Mondo Scooter Club Örebro
Kari Käyhkö Nyköpings Scooterister Nyköping
Kaarlo Käyhkö Nyköpings Scooterister Nyköping
Tomas Wallin Nyköpings Scooterister Nyköping
Tomas Olsson Vintage Vespa Sports Club - Bohuslän Stenungsund
Carl-Henrik Bodahl Svenska Scooterklubben Linköping
Patrik Nordbeck Lambretta Club Malmö Lund
Robban Lundqvist Malmö Scooterklubb Malmö
Kjell Blomberg Göteborg Scooterklubb Göteborg
Peter Sundfeldt Lambretta Club Göteborg Göteborg
Pär-Anders Holm Malmö Scooterklubb Malmö
Steve Hansen Ystad
Peter Gårdö Halmstad Scooter Club Halmstad
Jenny Gårdö Halmstad Scooter Club Halmstad
Mikael Westergren Malmö Scooterklubb Kävlinge
Jörgen Skoglund Sky Scooters Lidköping
Arne Trydal The Rivals Scooter Club Kristiansand, Norge
Svein Trydal The Rivals Scooter Club Kristiansand, Norge
Isse Jacobsson Svenska Scooterklubben Kristianstad
Carl-Peter Holgersson Malmö
Linnea Holgersson Blues SC Malmö
Åke Källback Skoghall Scooter Punx Karlstad
Maria Wennerström Skoghall Scooter Punx Karlstad
Patrik Grann Sky Scooters. Armed Forces Scooter Club Öglunda
Gro Blomén Sky Scooters Skövde
Mario Rovelli Svenska Scooterklubben Skövde
Bengt Ove Hage Union 1814 Ås, Norway
Peter Hägg Union 1814 Ås, Norway
Sven Poul Lagonda Møller Copenhagen Scooter Club Copenhagen, Denmark
Fredrik Olsson Malmö Scooterklubb Malmö
Alexander Dyrby Copenhagen Scooter Club Copenhagen, Denmark
Daniel Goes Vespa Club Göteborg Göteborg
Björn Svensson Vespa Club Göteborg Göteborg
Matthias Berendt Rendsburg, Germany
Alexa Sauerborn Rendsburg, Germany
Rupert Vogl Jun Vespa Club Hamburg Reeperbahn Travemünde, Germany
Lasse Koxvold Restless Scooter Club Oslo, Norway
Paul Guldstrand Restless Scooter Club Oslo, Norway
Henrik Gustafsson Bankeryd
Magnus Mårtensson Malmö Scooterklubb Malmö
Hanna Wollinger Vespa Club Lund Lund
Jonas Andersson Katzenjammers Scooter Club Lund
Henrik Albertsson Stockholm South of South Scooter Suburbs Huddinge
Martin Worsley Malmö Scooterklubb Malmö
Olaf Zwad Vespa Club Baltic Allstars Lübeck Germany
Henning Hingst VAC Kiel Mielkendorf
Micke Wennryd Malmö
Bjarte Austevoll Malmö Scooterklubb Malmö
Marcus Quarnström Svenska Scooterklubben Mariehamn, Åland
Malte Kaehler VAC Kiel Flintbek, Germany
Peter Jakobsson Gothenburg Scooter Scene Göteborg
Steven Todd The Rivals Scooter Club Arendal, Norway
Svante Jönsson Sky Scooters, Scootermuseet Kinnekulle
Martin Borch Denmark
Benito Tim Lindenberg VAC Kiel Kiel, Germany
Noah-Maximus Hingst VAC Kiel Kiel, Germany
Henrik Åkerblom Lambretta Club Göteborg Göteborg
Morten Fin Flaterås Bergen, Norway
Bjørn Ivar Nordhagen Small Wheels Scooter Club Sarpsborg, Norway
Hans Frigstad The Rivals Scooter Club Kristiansand, Norway
Hans-Heinrich Borgwardt Small Wheels Scooter Club Sarpsborg, Norway
Ulf O. Ludvigsen Small Wheels Scooter Club, Restless S.C. Sarpsborg, Norway
Graeme Ferguson Restless Scooter Club Oslo, Norway

Right now, 161 persons are registered and has payed the FEE for the run.

Your name will not appear here until your payment is verified

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